New exchange rules applied since 15 april 2010.


Dear customers!

Thank you for choosing our exchange service!
We have to inform you that WebMoney Transfer issued new rules: now it is forbidden to exchange WM units to third parties. Thus your WMID account and your bank account/WU name has to be the same. We, as official WebMoney Exchanger, cannot process exchanges if the intormation differs. We will be happy to answer all questions arised, please use contacts.

In-exchange WM unit (buy WebMoney):

1. Amount under 2000 WMZ sent by cash by Western Union is not necessary to be verified. As we deposit it like cash.
2. For amount greater 2000 WMZ it's necessary to get formal (or higher) passport that registred not less than 7 days. Color copy of your ID should be uploaded to upload to Webmoney Passport website.
3. As for bank wires: name and surname should be identical on bank account and WebMoney account.

Out-exchange WM unit (sell WebMoney)

1. You should have formal (or higher) passport that registred not less than 7 days.
2. Name and surname of receiver should be identical to information on WMID.
3. If you have formal passport you have to upload to Webmoney Passport website color copy of your ID or other identity card. Verifcation process takes 1-2 days. if you have personal passport you don't need to upload your ID.

If you still don't have formal passport - get verified here. It takes couple of minutes.

With best wishes, administration